Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Audioman TRANS7

Audioman TRANS7

Position Code: TR7-AUDIO
* Male, age maximum 28 years
* Min. D3 All Programs, a minimum GPA of 2.75
* Having knowledge of Audio & Microphone Mixer, as well as skill Audio Recording & Mixing

Job Description:

Prepare and operate all audio equipment, in order to produce the highest quality audio standards and concepts according to a predetermined program.

Multimedia TRANS7

Position Code: TR7-MM
* Male, age maximum 28 years
* S1 IT, minimum GPA of 2.75
* Mastering MySQL, VB.NET, or programming
* Master the graphic design
* Can work in shifting

Job Description:

Prepare and develop a web site design, both Intranet and Internet, designed the supporting applications and the production of news programs, so it can accommodate the needs of medium to deliver information to internal and external TRANS7.

# Send your resume to: the POSITION CODE in subject of e-mail
# Participants whose name is listed, please come to carry out the recruitment process in accordance with the schedule of each Trans7 tests -Not later than 29 February 2012 or by post :

Ged. TRANSTV, Lt. 3A
Jl. Kapt. Tendean Kav. 12 – 14A


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